How to Create your own live webcam site as a model. Models often overlook the user acquisition side of the income equation and not all cam sites have a fair system in place to reward the model for getting new customers onboard at adult webcam sites. Therefore we share the following adult webcams white label programs and suggest that you at least consider or rather look into how you can best make the most money as a model. You may find that creating your own white label adult cam site is best. 


If your performer name is SexyDaisy, consider using a good niche instead of a name like SexyDaisyLiveCams.com. The reason for this is you do not want to discourage users from signing up by communicating the wrong message. Sure, you may perform there but you want users to think of the site as the main hub or brand. Therefore, keep it either broad or at least broad enough to cover hundreds of thousands of models. 


Here are the white label program registration links for the top live cam sites for adults. We are impartial. We merely list them in random order. We do though only list and link to the most widely used programs. New programs need to prove themselves over a few years or more before we consider adding them. 


1. ImLive White Label Registration

2. Chaturbate White Label Registration

3. LiveJasmin White Label Registration

4. Flirt4Free White Label Registration

5. FreeWebcams White Label Registration


Remember all you need is a DOMAIN NAME and a PLAN TO GET TRAFFIC and you can set up a adult webcam site in minutes using the links above. Also check out the top ad networks to buy traffic here. If you are a cam model though you can of course also generate considerable traffic to your white label site via all your social media posts. 

IT'S INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT TO REALIZE THAT AS A CAM MODEL WHEN YOU SIGN UP PEOPLE UNDER THIS NEW WHITE LABEL SITE THAT YOU CREATE YOU GET PAID FOR THE LIFE OF THAT USER; WHETHER YOU ARE ON CAM ON NOT! You choose either rev share or pay per sale or in the case of freemium sites like chaturbate you can choose rev share or pay per join. 


TIP: Rev share is ALWAYS the best decision. You make way more with rev share. Be patient and let your revenue share build up as you get more users to sign up on your own cam site. 




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