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2018 goals!

*** 2018 goals: ✔️Make top 100 @ManyVids ✔️Create more content ✔️Attend/cam from Exxxotica NJ(flight and hotel booked) __ 100k followers on @chaturbate __ Be nominated for an award __ Receive Best Tattooed or Top Cam Girl @AdultCamAwards __ Make top 10 @ManyVids *** MY STORY: I'm a spontaneous blonde bombshell who loves her dogs, firearms and motorcycles! People call me weird or hyper but that’s what makes me, me! I started camming February 2017 with no real knowledge of how amazing this industry is! I have gained self CONFIDENCE, learned how to be an entrepreneur, the ability to travel and most of all... friends and fans!! I just recently was “outed” meaning, my group of friends found out I was a cam model. At first I was terrified ... one of my friends found my twitter and showed it to ALL my friend while we were on a camping trip together! Yup, I was there while they were all gossiping behind my back , looking at my nudes... I was completely oblivious! After discovering this happened I felt scared and alone, how could I hangout with these people now that they know what I do and have seen all my nudes!!? Well you know what? If they don’t like it or want to judge then they obviously aren’t true friends in the first place. I’m just so thankful for the ONE friend who came forward and said “hey look, ___ found your twitter and has been showing it to everyone in our group of friends and have been saying horrible things about you.” This friend hasn’t treated me any different than before and respects the work I do! 💕 Being a cam model has completely changed/saved my life! I could go on and on about how it has impacted my life but it’d turn out to be a short novel!😅 I’ll be attending Exxxotica NJ in November ... my first convention! I’m nervous and excited! Next goal= my first award!!! Cam Room— Clips—
on October 01 at 04:02 AM

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