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Seeking camgirls to include in our game

My company is releasing an innovative, app-driven ARG (alt reality game) for motorcyclists this summer and want to include a camgirl interaction as part of the game. We expect to bring significant traffic to the participating models. We also want to give players the option to select a male WebCam interaction as well.
We are not asking for any payment
Please note that we decided to go the independent camgirl route, rather than approach businesses such as KGB Models, as this is more in line with our startup's philosophy of supporting independents.
The requirements of the interaction are simply that the model provide a clue answer after being prompted by a code phrase the visitor will give them. We also ask that the initial interaction, during which the clue is given, be free of charge. What happens after that is up to the performer and operative (player). 
We're asking for models with the most active schedules--and/or schedules that will complement other performers' schedules--to make this clue solvable without players having to wait long or schedule in advance. The models must be reliable, as we will be posting their cam schedules. However, beginners trying to build a client base are perfectly fine.
Even if you're not interested in participating, any guidance with connecting with models, figuring out which WebCam platforms are best suited, and any other logistical guidance would be greatly appreciated.
In addition to our strategy of raising money directly from the adult industry to combat child trafficking, we're also all about pushing envelopes and normalizing sexual and other freedoms that should gain wider acceptance.
Please contact me at my below email address and thank you
on May 16 at 03:55 PM

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